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Based out of Germany and founded in 1996, FC-Moto is a long-standing retailer wholesaler, and online shop servicing a global motorcycle, outdoor, winter sports, and cycling customer base. With its beginnings of just a small retail shop, this company has certainly outgrown its roots and has become a very popular and successful business in the motorcycle sector.

Though the company itself continues to grow – both on a customer basis and physically – it holds just under 30 employees who share the same enthusiasm and dedication to the company and its products. And speaking of, they carry over 100 different brands through their retailer partnerships.

Purchasing items outside the country can always feel like a bit of a risk, so we’re going to go through this site to find out what they’re really about and if they’re worth it.

What’s on the Site

Website design is super important for online retailers, even if they do have a physical location. Since FC-Moto has grown to work with an international customer base, their site has to be top-notch to properly reach the crowds and earn their trust.

FC Moto De - Online shop for motorcycle, cycle, outdoor, wintersports and accessories

So, let’s look at some of the site features.

The Products & Prices

As we mentioned earlier, this company offers more than 100 different brands across outdoor motorsports like motorcycling and winter sports. This large selection gives any customer tops of options through a large selection of top-notch brands like Fox, Schuberth, KYT, Bogotto, and Garmin. In fact, they have over 150,000 items in stock at most times.

The product lines include items like motorcycle boots, helmets, clothing, goggles, snowsuits, gloves, and other functional wear and gear. These products range from men, women, and even children, showcasing something for every extreme sports fan.

FC-Moto has a guarantee to always have the best price. They follow all of the current market prices and deliver great offers, including marked-down items.

FC Moto De - Online shop for motorcycle, cycle, outdoor, wintersports and accessories

For example, you can find a KYT NF-R Beam Helmet for $170. Many of their Bogotto motorcycle helmets are only $51, and you can get an LS2 Vortex Frame helmet for $364.

In the area of footwear, FC-Moto offers a wide range of street boots and motorcycle boots ranging from $62 to $150. This includes Bogotto boots, Germot overboots, iXon motorcycle boots, W2 boots and more.

Scroll on down to bags and backpacks, and you can find yourself some sweet storage to hold all of your gear. From backpacks to kitbags and organizers, the brands include Held, Evoc, Kriega, Buse, Scott, Modeka, Oxford, and more. The fair prices make it easy to find a bag that suits your needs, whether it be waterproof and big or standard make and small.

Along with their regular-priced items, the site features a “hot deals” section that displays clearance items for anywhere from 30% to 80% off. This is a great section to browse in case a nice deal pops up.

FC Moto De - Online shop for motorcycle, cycle, outdoor, wintersports and accessories

Competitive prices for quality products? Say no more – motorsport enthusiasts can find a home at FC-Moto. Not to mention, they offer a 10% discount code to anyone who signs up for their newsletter.

Size Charts

I thought this was worth mentioning in this review because it can be so difficult to buy apparel online due to differences in sizing, especially when it comes to international companies who might have different standards than the U.S.

FC-Moto has an entire page dedicated to the sizing of their products. There are several charts for men, several for women, and even charts for helmets, shoes, gloves, and boots.

FC Moto De - Online shop for motorcycle, cycle, outdoor, wintersports and accessories

The charts all give you step-by-step instructions on how to measure each part of your body and then displays easy-to-read charts with measurements in UK and German sizes along with centimeters.

Many people don’t like to buy clothing online because they can’t try it on, and I often feel the same way. Having these size tables gives customers more confidence that they’ll get their size correct on the first order without the inconvenience of having to return or exchange.

Delivery and Returns

FC-Moto is very similar to most other online stores in that it accepts both credit card and PayPal payments. This is great because these are some of the most common ways to pay for things online, meaning less hassle for potential customers like you.

Many customers praise FC-Moto for their online security. Because of the way to transfer payments, their site is very secure and safe for customers. A lot can go behind the scenes of the dark web, so this high level of security is definitely a comfort for anyone considering a purchase.

FC Moto De - Online shop for motorcycle, cycle, outdoor, wintersports and accessories

Considering FC-Moto is an international company that ships worldwide, their services are pretty fast. They state that their shipments typically take 5 to 7 days. However, they will clarify that if it’s motorcycle season, it may take a few days longer.

And I think we can all agree that that’s reasonable, given the high number of orders they receive during this peak time.

Along with their consistency and timeliness of deliveries, FC-Moto also has good exchange and returns policies.

For an exchange, customer can send a product back within 14 days for any reason at all and exchange it for something else. You don’t even have to have a reason for sending the product back – just make the request, and you’re good to go.

Returns hold pretty much the same policy. Customers can return any products within 14 days of receiving it, no questions asked. It can be for any reason or no reason at all, and the company will give you a full refund.

Customer Service

As far as customer service goes, there isn’t much to report. The site has an online form you can fill out with any requests or questions you may have, and from there, a support agent will connect with you exclusively via email.

FC Moto De - Online shop for motorcycle, cycle, outdoor, wintersports and accessories

The downside to this is that there is no toll-free number you can call for a more instant answer to your issue or question. However, they do have a pretty nice FAQ section that answers a lot of commonly asked questions.

While they communicate only by email, their correspondences are quick, friendly, and professional. So, there’s really not much to complain about.


FC Moto De - Online shop for motorcycle, cycle, outdoor, wintersports and accessories

Customer reviews of this site and their personal experiences were widely positive, or at the very least, average. There weren’t many complaints or negative responses.

However, there are a few criticisms that are worth mentioning for anyone who likes to be in the know before they fully trust an online retailer from another country.

The first criticism was already mentioned, and that was the lack of a toll-free phone number. For most people, this really doesn’t seem to be an issue. But, there are those of us who prefer to talk to someone in real-time to truly explain the situation and get reassuring feedback instantly.

Second, the site does not display the SHARP rating for their products. If you don’t know what this is, then you probably don’t care too much that it’s not there. However, most experienced motorsport enthusiasts know that it stands for the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Program.

This is a program whose standards were set by the British government that rates the safety level of helmets on the market. Your helmet is possibly your most important piece of equipment, so many people heavily rely on the SHARP rating to tell them whether their helmet is a high-quality product or not.

FC Moto De - Online shop for motorcycle, cycle, outdoor, wintersports and accessories

Finally, probably the most common critique of this site has something to do with shipping – which tends to be the most common complaint on any online seller of any kind of product. While some of us can understand that things happen and your order may not come in exactly the number of days it was promised, others have a problem with late arrivals.

Both sides have a good point to stand on, so this is really a matter of your personal preference.

Final Thoughts

FC Moto De - Online shop for motorcycle, cycle, outdoor, wintersports and accessories

FC-Moto is a great site for anyone who loves motorcycles, dirt bikes, winter sports, and other outdoor motor adventures. Their wide range of inventory and brands has a little something for everyone, and there’s a good chance you will find your favorite product for a price cheaper than in-store.

Though ordering outside of the country always poses a risk, FC-Moto does a great job of ensuring not only online purchasing safety, but fast and reliable shipping to anywhere in the world. That’s not an easy task, but this company has taken it on.

Unlike some online retailers who offer cheap products and send you low-quality items that look nothing like their picture, FC-Moto stands by its brands and sends you what you’re expecting: a high-quality piece of equipment that’s going to meet your expectations.

And, if for some reason you aren’t satisfied with your product, they give you every right and ability to send it back and get a refund or something new. No questions asked, no red tape; just a return and a refund.

Customer reviews say it all, but I’ll say it too: you can’t go wrong using FC-Moto for your outdoor and motorsports gear and equipment.