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Fewer trading options is a cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates online trading. This review addresses who they are, their reputability, safety, and any lingering questions you may have about using for online trading.

About began in China in 2013. Gate Technology Inc now operates the company and works to offer its customers a secure, safe and reliable way to exchange Bitcoin.

However, the exchange was revitalized in 2017, and, as of writing, is no longer associated with China. Instead, it attributes its registered address to Virginia, North America.

Not only does aim to simplify the Bitcoin online exchange but its customer-first policy is designed to protect your assets and information throughout the exchange process. It further strives to protect user assets and promote an atmosphere of transparent trading.

However, it’s worth noting that the team behind is unknown, and while it handles most cryptocurrencies, there are a few notable exceptions to its availability. These include, in America:

  • New York
  • Washington

Further abroad, exceptions to’s cryptocurrency handling platform include:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Pakistan
  • Venezuela
  • Crimea recently ranked among the top 3 exchanges as a cryptocurrency exchange due to its traffic statistics, liquidity, and spot market trading volume. Features and Reasons to Join offers various features to its users. It’s a site designed for easy navigation by beginners and professionals alike, and that being the case, one of its foremost features is the ability to choose the type of platform you need.

To cater to all users there is both a professional platform, and a beginner-friendly platform that helps new cryptocurrency traders find their feet. It’s also possible to use’s testnet to practice currency trading until users feel sufficiently confident to take on the market. Review - Bitcoin exchange

As well as a variety of platforms, other features include:

  • A spot market that entertains over 150 cryptocurrency pairs
  • Ability to trade crypto on margin, derivatives, and futures market at up to 100x leverage
  • Real-time market data and charting to facilitate trading altcoins, Defi tokens, and stablecoins
  • Testnet to simulate trade currency outcomes
  • Mobile app for easy access to portfolio and trading
  • Crypto loans and lendings on assets to borrow others
  • Trading fee discounts with high-volume cryptocurrency amounts and withdrawals
  • Extensive guide, FAQ, and customer support service

Additionally, there are:

  • 150 cryptocurrencies available for users to trade in
  • 0.2% trading exchange fees
  • Opportunities to earn interest on cryptocurrencies with the wallet

Clients with concerns for the security of will appreciate that it further offers:

  • Highly secure SSL links
  • Bitcoin Wallet Technology accessible offline
  • Instant withdrawal and deposit for Cryptocurrencies
  • Secure Two-Factor Identification Review - Bitcoin exchange

It also offers low fees including:

  • No deposit fee
  • Low trading fee
  • Low cryptocurrency withdrawal fees with optional service

Registering with’s user-friendly interface makes registration uncomplicated and navigable. New users will be asked to input:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Account password
  • Fund password Review - Bitcoin exchange

Note that the latter will be used to confirm any transactions you undertake while negotiating’s crypto-to-crypto currency exchange.

For your security, you must choose a funds password that is different from your account password. Otherwise, prevents you from proceeding with the registration.

From there, new users must agree to terms and conditions of use, successfully enter a CAPTCHA code, and click and confirm a registration email. From then on, your account is live, and you can start engaging with’s projects and transactions. Fees

To begin trading on, users must first navigate to the trading menu. Alternatively, you can select your preferred cryptocurrency from a drop-down menu and from there navigate to the relevant trading market.

Users embarking on trade transactions should be aware that although has some fee exemptions, there are still fees users can incur.

Trading Fees

The structure of’s fee system is different from that of its competitors. It offers a spot trading fee of 0.2% that decreases proportionally to the amount of spot trading you undertake.

Comparatively speaking, this is higher than competitors like Binance or Bittrex, which offer a 0.1% rate of exchange. Review - Bitcoin exchange also offers a 25% discount for users who pay their fees using a token or G.T.

Whereas the fees charged for the Futures market follow a maker and taker-style model and range from range -0.025 -0.075. Generally speaking, this is markedly lower than other cryptocurrency margin trading platforms.

Deposit Fees does not charge traders for deposits made using their exchange.

Withdrawal Fees

However, withdrawing assets via’s exchange triggers a blockchain fee that adjusts to reflect the current market value. The value of the assets withdrawn also has the potential to impact the fees you incur. Review - Bitcoin exchange

Similarly, the type of cryptocurrency you withdraw through affects the withdrawal fee. This, in turn, makes it difficult to compare withdrawal rates across other cryptocurrency access sites, since their rates are similarly variable.

More detailed information on’s fee system is available on their website. Security: Is it Safe?

Despite multiple security features,’s system was successfully hacked in 2019. The lost cryptocurrency amounted to approximately $271,500. Subsequently, the funds were recovered, and security measures increased. Review - Bitcoin exchange

And despite the brush with hacking, continues to rank as one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges available.

Customer Support has a dedicated help center committed to answering any user questions. Their FAQ page should guide beginners and experienced users through a variety of problems.

But if you continue to encounter difficulty, there is also a customer support team available 24/7. Customers can contact the support team through:

  • Live Chat
  • Email Review - Bitcoin exchange

It’s also possible to submit a request through the site by detailing your problem in an electronic ticket form. Request submissions will be ticketed and responded to as support staff becomes available. Licenses and Regulations

Because is a site with longevity and an emphasis on security and transparency, it has put regulations on the use and administration of Gate Tokens. This is to prevent market manipulation and wash trading while simultaneously protecting customers’ interests and assets.

Regulations divide into two primary categories:

  • Project Assessment
  • Project Handling

The Project Assessment regulations endeavor to:

  • Protect teams and projects from legal complication
  • Ensure information cannot be audited by an external third-party
  • Confirm trading information is invulnerable to hacking and security weaknesses
  • Monitor trade volume and market fluctuations
  • Prevent token addresses and information from being disclosed
  • Oversee how frequently the repository is updated
  • Monitor how regularly social media is updated
  • Ensure on-chain data does not remain active
  • Watch for projects with too much media coverage or representation
  • Watch for projects that receive too many complaints from users Review - Bitcoin exchange

Project Handling regulations exist to combat violation of any of the Project Assessment regulations. They stipulate that:

  • Following project assessment, a project must respond within 2 weeks
  • Projects failing to mitigate extant issues can and will be transferred to Low Liquidity and have 3 months to correct the problem
  • Projects reassessed while in Low Liquidity Trading and that pass assessment for the next month are restored to regular trading

Users should be aware that while the legal backing behind is ambiguous, this is not unusual when trading in cryptocurrencies. This is because cryptocurrency still occupies a legally complex space, making the legislature surrounding it is often challenging to navigate.

Likewise, the absence of obvious financial oversight is similarly typical of cryptocurrency exchanges and should not raise undue concerns in site users.

Conclusion Review - Bitcoin exchange

Despite its establishment in 2013, there are many ways in which is a comparatively young cryptocurrency exchange. Nevertheless, its safety precautions and fast-acting customer support have gone a long way to make a trusted online market for cryptocurrency transactions and exchanges.

Because it has fewer trading options than on more long-established sites, the experienced trader may find limiting. However, testnet and the option to practice currency exchange make an excellent place for nascent traders to cut their teeth on cryptocurrency.

The other benefit of is its access to over 150 cryptocurrencies, some of which are harder to find than others when using different trading platforms. Moreover, the integration of the mobile app platform makes it possible to monitor your projects and transactions wherever and whenever you need to.

And notwithstanding a security breach in 2019, emerged as the second most secure online cryptocurrency exchange. If you’re looking to begin trading in cryptocurrency, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a safer, more user-friendly place to start.