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Kicks Crew is a Hong Kong-based e-commerce platform founded by sneaker enthusiasts in 2008. You can find a wide selection of sneakers from top name brands on Kicks Crew’s website, including Nike, Adidas, and Converse.

Since its inception, Kicks Crew has become a popular destination for sneaker collectors. Kicks Crew’s goal is to pair everyone up with the perfect sneakers. No matter your preferences or budget, the Kicks Crew team believes the perfect sneaker exists for everyone.

After focusing on sneakers for several years, Kicks Crew chose to expand its offerings. Now you can purchase apparel and watches along with your sneakers. You’ll find all the top brands on Kicks Crew’s website, including Nike, Adidas, and Converse.

Top Features of Kicks Crew

Kicks Crew has quite a few good features. The best is that the website gives you a place to find virtually any hard-to-find pair of sneakers you’re after. However, there are a few other great reasons to buy from this online retailer.

Authenticity Guarantee

It’s easy to become wary when purchasing items overseas. Not only is it difficult to determine authenticity, but returning inauthentic items can be a real hassle.

Kicscrew review - Global sneaker retailer

Fortunately, Kicks Crew seems to understand that wariness. To ease customers’ minds, the company developed an Assurance of Authenticity. This authenticity guarantee ensures all items are the real thing. If the item you receive is fake, you’ll get your money back.

Worldwide Shipping

Kicks Crew’s goal is to get the perfect pair of shoes to anyone who needs it. Fortunately, they ship worldwide. So, no matter what country you’re in, you’ll be able to get a pair of shiny new sneakers from Kicks Crew.

There are a handful of countries Kicks Crew can’t ship to. If you’re curious whether yours is one of them, you can check out their shipping info page.

Quality Control

Quality control is another feature Kicks Crew is proud to offer. Before shipping any items, Kicks Crew inspects every aspect of the product. This includes materials, packaging, sizing, and manufacturing quality. This inspection guarantees you’ll receive a top-quality product.

Kicscrew review - Global sneaker retailer

In addition, Kicks Crew guarantees all items are new and unworn. You won’t ever get second-hand or used items from Kicks Crew. Instead, each item comes in its original manufacturer packaging. As with the authenticity guarantee, Kicks Crew will refund you if you receive a pre-worn item.

Facilities Worldwide

Although the main facility is in Hong Kong, you probably won’t have to worry about lengthy shipping times. To ship products quicker, Kicks Crew has shipping facilities located around the world.

Kicks Crew also assures customers that products from every facility go through appropriate quality control. So, no matter where you are, you can rest assured you’ll receive a quality product.

Kicks Crew Prices

The Kicks Crew prices are somewhat higher than those you’d find in the US and other countries. For example, a pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OGs is $80 on Nike’s website and $179 on Kicks Crew.

Kicscrew review - Global sneaker retailer

Since they’re a smaller company, it’s unsurprising they’d charge a bit more than the manufacturer. That said, the additional $100 might be off-putting to some consumers. If you’re looking for a hard-to-find pair of sneakers, though, it might be worth it.

Criticism of Kicks Crew

As with any company, Kicks Crew has its share of downsides. The main concerns are shipping speed, shipping costs, and lack of recourse in some areas.

Shipping Speeds

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems with Kicks Crew is slow shipping speeds. Because the main facilities are in China, shipping takes longer than in other areas of the world. This is because China has some pretty strict policies about imports and exports, including mail.

Kicscrew review - Global sneaker retailer

The plus side is that slow shipping doesn’t mean you won’t get your product. It might take a bit longer to receive, though. And, of course, if you’re concerned about your order, you can reach out to Kicks Crew. Someone will help locate your order and update you on when to expect it.

Just remember that shipping speed is almost always out of the company’s hands. Although Kicks Crew guarantees delivery within less than ten days, shipping is ultimately controlled by the shipping company. Fortunately, Kicks Crew uses the most reliable shippers, including FedEx, DHL, and UPS, to ship their products.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are another issue customers will run into when shopping with Kicks Crew. Shipping to and from Asia is notoriously expensive, and Kicks Crew is no exception. Shipping costs range from $20 USD to $75, depending on the country and speed.

Kicscrew review - Global sneaker retailer

In addition to standard shipping costs, you’ll also be responsible for any taxes, duties, VAT, and fees. These fees are standard whenever you ship or receive overseas. However, if you haven’t purchased from another country previously, fees are something you should be aware of.

Not Part of the Better Business Bureau

Some US customers might be frustrated that Kicks Crew isn’t part of the Better Business Bureau. Although the BBB can only do so much, it offers a bit of reassurance when companies don’t live up to their guarantees.

Kicscrew review - Global sneaker retailer

The BBB sets standards for advertising, fraud, and transparency for businesses. In addition, it helps resolve customer complaints and alerts the public to scams, false advertising, or deceitful business practices.

Most businesses are part of the BBB because it indicates credibility. Since Kicks Crew isn’t a BBB-accredited business, some consumers might be wary of shopping with them. That said, it’s wise to read over other customer reviews to get a better idea of the experience you can expect.

Customer Support

Kicks Crew’s customer support department can help shoppers with website issues, order inquiries, and other concerns. They can also help you with returns and answer shipping questions if you’re confused about shipping to your country.

Contact Information

A convenient feature of Kicks Crew’s customer support is there are several ways to reach a representative. Their contact information is as follows:

Kicscrew review - Global sneaker retailer

Phone number: +852-28111210
Flat D, 13/F
Southeast Industrial Building
611-619 Castle Peak Road
Tsuen Wan, NT
You can also reach out via Facebook Messenger.

If you’re simply looking for tracking information, you can put your order number into Kicks Crew’s order tracker. The tracker will give you all the latest updates for your order. You’ll also be able to review orders for the previous 12 months.

You can try any of the other contact options if the order tracker doesn’t help. However, Facebook Messenger or email are probably your best options for a quick response time.

Kicks Crew Returns

The big question many people have when ordering overseas is about returns. When you order from the US, sending a return to Asia can be time-consuming and costly. Unfortunately, Kicks Crew is no exception.

Kicscrew review - Global sneaker retailer

That said, Kicks Crew is clear and transparent about each cost you could incur during a return. Specific terms of Kicks Crew’s return policy are:

  • Returns are only accepted within 7 days of delivery
  • Items must be in their original state with tags
  • Each return has a 15% restocking fee
  • The buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs

In a world where shopper are often used to free returns, this policy might seem a bit outdated. However, overseas returns tend to be more complex than local ones. Shipping prices are a lot higher, and customs can be a hassle, so companies typically don’t want to take on the added cost of return shipping.

Kicks Crew requires all customers to contact customer support before shipping any items back. A representative will be able to give you any special instructions you’ll need for your return.

Kicks Crew Payment Methods

Kicks Crew shoppers have several payment methods to choose from when they shop. Not only does the company accept all major credit cards, but you have the options to pay with Klarna or PayPal, too.

Kicscrew review - Global sneaker retailer

Considering many of the items on Kicks Crew are pricey, Klarna’s “Pay in Four” option is helpful if you don’t want to put out the total amount right away. In addition, PayPay has an excellent reputation for helping customers shop while keeping their information secure.

Final Thoughts

Kicscrew review - Global sneaker retailer

The Kicks Crew platform makes it easy for anyone to find their perfect pair of sneakers. As of 2022, Kicks Crew has more than 400,000 sneakers in its collection. From retro Jordans to the newest Vans, you’ll have no trouble finding what you need.