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Are you a content creator overwhelmed with transforming long videos into engaging, bite-sized clips? Here’s a reality check: Opus.pro is a tool with the sole purpose of getting rid of those complexities. This review will explain how this innovative AI-powered tool can streamline your video editing process, save time, and augment your reach across various social media platforms.

If you are intrigued, read on to unlock exciting insights into content creation!

History of Opus.pro

The inception of Opus.pro traces back to 2021, rooted in the ambitious vision of its founders, Young Z., Grace Wang, and Jay W.

Young couldn’t help but notice how TikTok took over the social media landscape, and he drew one conclusion out of it. If there was a way of condensing hours of raw video footage into the format that took over TikTok, that would be a winning formula.

Together with his pals Grace and Jay, he set out to design something with the goal of taking the time-consuming process of editing out of the creator’s hands and allowing them to focus on the process they like the most.

They had a clear vision that for this thing to work out AI was the main character that would allow them to do so. They turned AI capabilities into a tool that liberates creativity. They created Opus.pro (now Opus Clip) to show AI can work along with humans, rather than replace them entirely.

Opus Clip was born in 2022 with the mission to make it possible for any content creator to tackle video editing in a swift and easy fashion. They can focus on creating the best content possible, and leave the intricacies of making short-form videos to Opus.

They designed every feature and interface element rigorously to guarantee that non-technologists could fully utilize Opus Clip’s capabilities.

Top Features

Opus Clip offers a range of features that make it a powerful and efficient tool for video repurposing. With its AI-powered technology, Opus Clip can transform long videos into shorter, more engaging clips optimized for growth on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

Opus Clip review - AI Powered video repurposing

Opus Clip’s valuable caption generation feature allows users to automatically generate captions for their videos, increasing accessibility and engagement. With speedy monetization capabilities, Opus Clip enables users to earn quickly from their viral clips.

AI-Powered Video Repurposing

Understanding the impact of AI-powered video repurposing is as simple as looking at Opus Clip. This tool utilizes artificial intelligence to reshape lengthy video content into shorter clips swiftly and automatically.

It does not just stop there. The most unique feature lies in its ability to forecast the potential virality of each clip it generates, thanks to an advanced AI algorithm. Analyzing thousands of trending videos produces a score that indicates your clip’s likelihood of becoming popular online!

Perfect for aspiring viral content creators who want expert-level insights without hours spent studying trends.

Opus Clip review - AI Powered video repurposing

But what about your ultimate goal – growth? Here again, Opus Clip shines with its data-backed predictions. These predictions contribute significantly towards multi-million dollar progress in marketing campaigns.

Especially if you’re considering different tools for repurposing your video content, consider Opus Clip as an alternative to platforms like Repurpose.io.

Let’s not forget about short-form social media phenomena like TikTok either!

Through this Opus Clip’s capabilities to generate engaging short videos designed for TikTok, you can expect accelerated growth up to five times faster than usual!

Additionally, Opus Clip’s analytics provide content creators with valuable insights into audience engagement and content performance. Real-time data analytics empower users to make informed decisions, enhancing the content’s reach and impact. The blend of efficiency and intelligence makes Opus Clip an indispensable asset for every modern content creator.

The value seems apparent: using AI methods in your video marketing strategy will put you comfortably ahead in today’s fast-paced digital world, all while making things simpler and more efficient on your end.

Valuable Caption Generation

Opus Clip’s valuable caption generation feature is a game-changer for video creators. With the power of artificial intelligence (AI), this software automatically adds relevant emojis to your captions, making them more engaging and eye-catching.

Opus Clip review - AI Powered video repurposing

Research shows that using emojis in captions and comments can increase views by a considerable percentage! Plus, Opus Clip gives you the freedom to customize your video captions after connecting with your social media accounts.

This means you can make personalized captions that resonate with your audience while enjoying enhanced video editing tools.

Moreover, the flexibility of editing captions ensures that content creators can infuse a touch of personalization, enhancing audience relatability and connection. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface that even novices can navigate with ease, ensuring that enhancing captions is a quick and hassle-free process.

Speedy Monetization

With Opus Clip’s AI-powered video repurposing and valuable caption generation features, you can optimize your content for maximum engagement and views.

The time-saving tools provided by Opus Clip enable daily posting, allowing you to consistently grow your audience and increase your revenue. Plus, with Opus Clip’s calculator, you can easily calculate your earnings and track your progress.

Opus Clip review - AI Powered video repurposing

Furthermore, Opus Clip’s transparency in providing real-time analytics empowers users to have a clear insight into their content’s performance. Detailed reports offer an in-depth analysis, allowing creators to adjust their strategies promptly, ensuring each piece of content is optimized for maximum revenue generation and audience engagement.

Beyond this, Opus Clip is committed to constantly innovating and enhancing its features to align with the evolving needs of content creators. It is not just about providing tools for today but preparing users for tomorrow’s trends, ensuring that they are always ahead of the curve and equipped to maximize every content monetization opportunity that comes their way.


Opus Clip offers different pricing options to fit your needs. Each plan includes a range of features such as AI-powered video repurposing, valuable caption generation, and speedy monetization.

Customizable Pricing Options

Opus Clip offers per-minute pricing options. They charge $19 for every 200 minutes of video you wish to edit, and they provide 80 clips.

Opus Clip review - AI Powered video repurposing

You can either choose the monthly plan, which allows you to purchase 1,000 minutes for $95, or the yearly plan, which has an unlimited number of minutes you can acquire. Seriously, you can purchase more than 200,000 minutes.

If you opt for the yearly plan, you’d be saving 50% of the money spent on the monthly plan. Instead of paying for $19 per 200 minutes, you would pay $9.50 for those same minutes. It’s worth considering. Even if you’re not going to use all your minutes, it may end up saving you a significant amount of money.

Opus Clip Plans

At the moment, Opus Clip only has one plan that includes all of its features.

  • 1080p resolution
  • Auto-post to social media
  • 30 Day upload video storage
  • AI Curation
  • Virality score
  • AI filler word removal
  • AI-generated emojis, titles, and keyword highlighter
  • Manual clip trimmer
  • And more

In December of 2023, they plan to roll out their Pro Plan. This one will include all the previous features, plus the following:

  • Import up to 50GB of video sources from Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.
  • Auto-post to more platforms
  • Smart social media scheduler
  • Export to Premiere Pro and Final Cut
  • 90 day upload video storage
  • AI Curation by voice, emotion, and visual objects
  • 1:1 and 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Data analytics from YouTube, TikTok, and more
  • Mobile App and Chrome extension

Customer Support

If you need assistance or have any questions, Opus Clip is there to help. You can easily seek support by reaching out to their experienced customer support team. Just send an email to contact@opus.pro and they will be ready to assist you with any query or concern you may have.

Opus Clip review - AI Powered video repurposing

Remember, it’s important to provide relevant information and ask the right questions when seeking help. They also have a dedicated customer support page that lists the best practices when using Opus Clip.

Stuff like how to use their platform and how they make it work are available to everybody.

Final Thoughts

Opus Clip review - AI Powered video repurposing

Opus Clip exemplifies the convergence of innovation, functionality, and user experience in project management. Its features, from AI curation to the AI copilot and the major captioning tools make it so that anybody can create a viral video.

The pricing models are as diverse as they are competitive, ensuring accessibility for every content creator. Backed by adept customer support, users are assured of a seamless journey when using the tool, even if they’ve never touched an AI interface before.

In the bustling space of content creation, Opus Clip emerges not just as a tool, but as a strategic ally, ready to transform how creators edit their projects. It’s a commendable choice for those ready to step into a future of AI collaboration and unmatched value.