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Recruitee is an Amsterdam-based all-in-one applicant tracking system (ATS) software solution thousands of companies trust to grow their business.

Recruiting team members with excellent skills matching your business intentions needs an above-average hiring software. Traditional applicant tracking tools and recruitment strategies are a thing of the past.

Welcome to the future with Recruitee: collaborative applicant tracking in one cloud.

Recruitee review - Modern ATS & collaborative recruitment software

Today, organizing and scaling your business has never been more accessible with Recruiteer’s signature hiring software. They’ve helped teams of hundreds find their dream hires across diverse organizations and industries.

Like co-founders Perry Oostdam and Paul Smoczyk, you probably noticed the everyday challenge that most hiring managers face: too little time to analyze too many applicants. With Recruitee, hiring managers get support from their team and extra time in their day back.

How Does Recruitee Work?

Recruitee is a cloud recruitment tool that helps personnel from different positions hire better candidates.

Overloading Human Resources with suitable candidates is outdated with high hire turnover.

Instead, the Recruitee design is so easy to use that hiring managers and colleagues don’t need any training. Instead, they have simple hiring tools that allow teams to fill vacancies with top-tier candidates.

Recruitee does “build great teams together.”

Your company can use job board integrations, upgraded hiring analytics, schedule automation, and pipeline automation for the entire team to see.

Recruits can strategize reaching potential hires using:

  • Automated hiring templates
  • Video tools that make good first impressions
  • Data monitoring, even with a customized dashboard
  • Reports all-in-one cloud– you never have to search through the spam inbox for another application again.

This new software collectively puts the power of choosing a hire into the hands of the owners, managers, leads, and staff.

History of Recruitee

In 2015, Recruitee set out to offer the very best in HR. HR tech like Recruitee set the ground for finding and hiring the best talent in over 75 countries, including its home base in Belgium, the DACH (German-speaking Europe), the United Kingdom, and the US.

After looking for global challenges to solve, Co-Founder Perry Oostdam and Pawl Smoczyk found that hiring new staff members was more complex and time-consuming than they thought.

Recruitee review - Modern ATS & collaborative recruitment software

Founding companies quickly turned sour with full mailboxes with resumes, excel file cabinets full of employees, and sandwiched interviews. Then, through trial and error, they developed their own simple and efficient tool, Recruitee.

They provide the first-ever truly intuitive, user-friendly software and support no matter your skill level that helps build genuine teams that work efficiently and grow value!

Through continuous innovation, Recruitee has become the HR ecosystem in recent tech:

  • Brand different locations for a brand feel that attracts your ideal candidate that matches your company culture.
  • Never lose another applicant’s resume and portfolio.
  • No more manual tracking – trade those long hours for automation
  • Keep and share data in one spot across different properties in different countries.
  • Share and build relationships with new candidates and seasoned hires across brand locations.

Reason To Join Recruitee

In the dawn of the Great Resignation, finding a loyal hire in a sea of job hoppers is becoming more complex. However, a group of professionals remains willing to barter loyalty for a mission-driven job.

And Recruitee offers one cloud that lets companies barter their mission and values with a hire’s skill, value, and loyalty.

Personal Branding

Recruitee integrates employer branding with job promoting and talent sourcing. Brands with standout values, mission, and purpose attract candidates who fit well-rounded and passionate.

Job seekers tend to look for jobs leading to more opportunities and meaning for their lives.

Recruitee review - Modern ATS & collaborative recruitment software

Recruitee’s Careers Hub has helped over 4,000 companies hire over 14 million applicants.

They have a vast library of ready-to-use editable templates that help you show off your company without a developer. Or create custom pages that match the look and feel of your brand.

CareersHub features:

  • API & Webhooks for customized automation between Recruitee and existing tech
  • Muli-language translates your career sit to speak in your target audience’s language

Personnel and Applicant Tracking

Hiring the right candidate is often overlooked under the time-consuming, mundane activity of applicant tracking. Recruitee offers a centralized space of a collaborative experience sourcing and tracking your candidate pipeline.

Recruitee review - Modern ATS & collaborative recruitment software

You can connect businesses and communities across different locations while organizing and analyzing a large pool of applicants for hire.

Integrative Data-Driven Hiring

Although Recruitees software is intuitively easy to use doesn’t mean you have to make intuitive hire decisions. Instead, you can use the platform to make data-driven information recruiting decisions.

Data-driven recruiting strategies can reduce hire costs by attracting the right hire for growth and ensuring they weren’t the ones that got away. They can also help you identify hiring issues collaboratively.

You can customize reports and share them with your team for optimal growth.

Hiring Is a Team Effort, and So Is Data Sharing

Recruitee is the collaborative hiring process made easy. Support your hiring manager by adding other team members hired for an open position in the company.

The software lets HR Add permissions and roles for you by data sharing with other teammates that’s intuitive to use, even scrolling through thousands of applicants. In addition, sharing social share links, sourcing tools, and referrals can save up to 64%.

Recruitee review - Modern ATS & collaborative recruitment software

These simple new features track applicants while seasoned recruitments fill in the holes in the hiring process from a to z:

  • Boost your talent sourcing using Smart Campaign on multiple job boards at once
  • Quick Fair pre Employment assessments
  • Use the Scheduler link to schedule interviews that match everyone’s schedule
  • Staffing & Recruiting services that let you send quick offers to quality candidates
  • Note-taking and goal setting ensure alignment between candidates, company, and employees.

Recruitee Commission/Costs

Bringing your hiring teams closer, automating your hiring, and choosing the best candidate is free. For 18 days free, you can:

  • Create a free account in under 2 minutes and stand out from other competitors today
  • Boost your employer branding without coding skills using Recruitee’s CareersHub
Recruitee review - Modern ATS & collaborative recruitment software

Once you’ve fallen in love with Recruitee Launch, you can launch your hiring with ten job slots for as little as $185/month. In addition, you can access two-way email and calendar sync and unlimited users and data.

Recruitee Scale automation and team optimization feature pricing to scale your hiring process starts at $333/month after the free trial. In addition, the launch features Calendar meeting rooms, workflow templates, and a custom career site URL.

Recruitees Lead Package For additional services and customization is available for custom pricing that includes customizable onboarding and rollout strategies, API support, and external data imports from selected ATS.

Customer Support

Recruitee is so easy to use that they offer small businesses an inside look into their champion 8-step hiring guide from start to finish. And everyone knows that your business is only as good as its employees.

Recruitee also offers free downloadables, webinars, and podcasts on Recruitee radio that motivate your inner entrepreneur with practical success habits.

Recruitee review - Modern ATS & collaborative recruitment software

Weeding through a herd of applicants is not easy, but Recruitee is. While collaborative hiring is at the core of this software Recruitee’s customer support features:

  • A blog that can answer just about any question on recruitment
  • On-demand Talent Strategy and Employer Branding Tips
  • Free Applicant Tracking System Guide (ATS) that helps your recruitment reach their goals
  • Customer Support that specializes in collaboration for customizable problem solving

Recruitee.com Licenses/Regulation

Recruitee protects you and your organization with industry-leading data and security standards.

They are transparent with the personal data they collect and their new Vulnerability Disclosure Program that encourages users to report security vulnerabilities in the product. However, Recruitee does not offer bug bounty. Writing them can save your company.

Recruitee review - Modern ATS & collaborative recruitment software

Recruitee security and privacy also feature:

  • Enable GDPR compliance and automation tools
  • Collect demographics with questions for EEO Compliance
  • Secured logins with SSO
  • Two-Factor Authentication for Recruitee account protection

Recruitee support is available to provide seamless customer service on all your HR tech stack solutions.

Recruitee Is the Best ATS for Collaboration

Recruitee review - Modern ATS & collaborative recruitment software

Recruitee is an excellent hire choice for small and corporate businesses alike. Hiring great people is easier when you’ve got systems in place.

It is custom-built for companies ready to launch their hiring and lead their organization with tools to help big or small teams scale their operations.

Since the beginning, Recruitee was made to grow teams with easy-to-use software that arms companies with everything they need in one accessible, sharable workspace.