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highest-rated alternative assets firm in the US
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Investors have long been turning to gold and silver to diversify and grow their assets. For many of these individuals, tangibles like precious metals are better for saving for retirement and protecting themselves against downturns in the stock market.

For over a decade, has facilitated this type of investment from people all over the world. Their services focus on providing customers with a safe investment landscape in which to grow their money and bypass unwanted bureaucracy.


Currently, is the highest-rated alternative assets firm in the US and has earned recognition from companies like Forbes, the Huffington Post, and Smart Money. From precious metals to cryptocurrency, provides a massive selection of products, specializing in helping their clients turn existing IRAs, SEPs, and 401(k)s into alternative assets.

Regal assets - the highest-rated alternative assets firm

The company has many ways that potential customers can invest in their products and services, from offering various packages to facilitating the purchase of individual cryptos or precious metals. The site also has partnerships with offsite storage facilities that will physically contain any precious metals purchased by RegalAssets clients.

One of the main reasons that has become so overwhelmingly popular is its massive online presence. This presence likely relates back to the company’s many online reviews and its team’s dedication to publishing information on scams and other false companies that purport to offer the same type of service.

Top Features of

One of the main features of is its ability to help clients form what they call a “Regal IRA.” This strategy utilizes a unique combination of hard assets like precious metals and digital assets like cryptocurrencies to help investors maximize and diversify their cash.

Regal assets - the highest-rated alternative assets firm

Another huge benefit to investing with is that they are IRS-approved and intensely dedicated to making their customers aware of scams. They do this by ensuring full transparency and security of their products, but also by continually posting information about potential scams and grifts in the gold market.

They even offer a “Gold Scam Report” to help keep both customers and non-customers safe. Putting out this type of information is an excellent way to attract new customers, as it creates a level of trust that is rarely seen in an industry like this.

Investing with can dramatically decrease the volatility of a person’s retirement account, ensuring that their money has a better chance to grow and can be safe from the whims of governments and markets. They see cryptocurrencies as the “gold of the future,” and have invested thousands of working hours in researching investment techniques.

Unlike many other companies of this type, provides a wide range of different packages through which its customers can invest. These packages include protection and security products that come in increments of $5,000 and $10,000, as well as full investment and retirement packages that range from $25,000 up to a quarter-million dollars.

Regal assets - the highest-rated alternative assets firm

Perhaps the best feature of this company is its track record. Not only are they supported by many reviews from a variety of different sources, but they have rankings from Forbes and Inc. as well. All of this, as well as a detailed explanation of the process, is offered to potential clients in the form of a free investor kit. Charges / Costs

As mentioned, there are several ways to invest with The main method is to build your own Regal IRA using a combination of Cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.) and various gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars.

Such investments function much like any other investment firm, with the customer rolling over or transferring their current retirement account to one managed by, which takes a fee for its services.

Regal assets - the highest-rated alternative assets firm

It is also possible to open an account and directly purchase gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins and bars. All of these items require you to contact the company and receive a quote. This quote will reflect the current price of the asset as well as any fees, shipping and handling, or other charges that go to the company.

Lastly, investors can sign up for several packages that contain a customized portfolio of assets.
These include two “Protection and Security” packages designed to provide easy-to-liquidate assets in the case of an emergency.

These packages cost $5,000 and $10,000 respectively. There are also four different investment and retirement portfolios that customers can purchase at various prices. The cost of these packages includes any charges that go to the company.

Without actually purchasing the service or any of the website’s products, it’s impossible to tell how fair or unfair their pricing structure is. Further complicating this is the fact that what one person finds reasonable another might find wholly outrageous. That said, there are often significant charges and fees associated with investing on any type of platform.

Criticism of

Regal assets - the highest-rated alternative assets firm

As with any investment-based company, there will always be detractors and unhappy customers. That said, the reputation of seems to be overwhelmingly positive, and turning up negative information is not as easy as one might think. As of May 2020, the company has had five total complaints to the Better Business Bureau, with topics that include the following:

  • Lack of communication about precious metals being shipping to the storage facility
  • Lack of proper communication from company representatives regarding the delivery of precious metal assets.
  • A customer unhappy with the fees applied to his IRA transfer.
  • Two resolved complaints from 2019.

Other attempts to find criticism of policies, practices, and products turn up very few hits. Again, this is largely due to preventative measures taken by the company at all steps in their process.

The team at are very dedicated to providing transparent reports and claim to make all of their customers aware of any fees or costs ahead of time. Such a service is particularly relevant in an industry known for having multiple hidden fees and charges for even the slightest action.

Regal assets - the highest-rated alternative assets firm

One of the lengthiest negative reviews of accuses them of using underhanded methods to get to the top of the Google search results in their category. Doing this would include using false or paid reviews to elevate its service while simultaneously detracting its competitors.

The user raises the question over whether or not this is fraud or against Google’s
terms, and suggests that a company that would post false reviews cannot be trusted with one’s investments. Unfortunately, such allegations are very difficult to prove, and it is common for businesses of all kinds to use targeted reviews in their digital marketing efforts.

Proving the company used any underhanded techniques is made even more difficult by the team at themselves. They have over 1300 reviews on their website, all of which are verified by a third-party company called BirdEye.

Customer Support

Regal assets - the highest-rated alternative assets firm

There is a reason why many reviews of focus heavily on the company’s customer service and support. Immediately upon opening a new page, an automated messaging boxy appears, allowing you to chat with an “Account Concierge” live. They also have phone support through which you can contact a professional to discuss products and prices. lists its operating hours as Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. The site also lists separate phone, fax, and addresses for four different offices: the corporation headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA, and global offices in Toronto, London, and Dubai. This easy-to-find information gives both current and potential customers a lot of options.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the website for is quite comprehensive, and does a great job of explaining the company’s various offerings without the user having to consult a professional until they are ready to buy. According to the site, has a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating.

Invest With Options

Regal assets - the highest-rated alternative assets firm

There is no denying that the big banks and investment firms are losing their monopoly on how we, as individuals, save for retirement and invest our hard-earned money. It would be unrealistic to assume that because a company has a strong presence online, its service or products are any less viable than what you would get from Ameriprise or E-trade.

What’s great about is that it allows you to diversify your assets the way you’d like. If you have a huge budget, their Retirement Packages are perfectly suited to your needs. If you have a smaller budget, you can still invest in a Protection Package or purchase gold, silver, palladium, and platinum at your own pace.

As more and more of our money becomes digitized, many of us will likely come to rely on companies like to manage our finances. When more companies appear, its likely standards of service will improve, and force prices down. Until then, there’s no mistaking that is the best in the business.