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Investments can be challenging to understand, especially at first. We don’t all have the time to dive into our portfolios and have a thorough understanding of every moving piece. That’s why Sharesight can be such a critically helpful tool for investors of all ranges, including individuals, accountants, and professionals.

History Sharesight

Investor Tony Ryburn spent nearly a decade working on his portfolio with little to no guidance whatsoever. He passed most of that time under his self-direction, frustrated over trying to understand all of the stock market’s nuances.

Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker

Then, in 2006, he and his son, Scott Ryburn, began developing their concept for Sharesight. They started small and brought on two software developers as founding shareholders to help them build their dreams on a technical level.

Together they developed the concept of Sharesight into what it is known as today, a highly unique and innovative product, and in 2008 they received their first customer.

About Sharesight

It can be very challenging for anyone who is currently investing or interested in investing who has multiple channels or brokerage accounts to understand how well everything is doing. Sharesight, the comprehensive portfolio tracker, condenses all of that information into a single place for you.

Through Sharesight, you can monitor all of your investments, including:

  • Cash
  • Stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • And more
  • Cryptocurrencies

You can join the more than 150,000 investors who currently use Sharesight to track their portfolios.

Reasons to Join Sharesight

While Sharesight can be an excellent tool for investors specifically, it is also beneficial for anyone looking to simplify their portfolio tracking. Sharesight welcomes investors of all levels, including beginners ranging from financial professionals.

Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker

Sharesight is especially beneficial for any investor in cryptocurrencies, as it automatically tracks their value. Additionally, those with multiple Oceanic or European brokerage accounts that are even more challenging to condense will find that Sharesight welcomes them with openly.

Sharesight Features

There are few other online portfolio tracking services available, but Sharesight excels over those in a few different facets, including:

Beginner-Friendly Interfacing

While investment portfolios can be intimidating, Sharesight welcomes investors of all levels with a beginner-friendly interface. Sharesight makes it easy to navigate through their sight, even for users with multiple accounts they are currently managing.

Mobile App Accessibility

In addition to a user-friendly web experience, Sharesight also offers a mobile app to access its services. Quickly and easily monitor and manage your investments on the go with the well-optimized Sharesight mobile app.

Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker

Flexible Tax Reporting Options

Sharesight allows you the freedom to customize your tax schedule regardless of where you live. Your bill payment schedule process is easier than ever by adjusting your reporting and filing dates as needed.

Sharesight Supported Account Types

Sharesight simplifies your investment portfolio management by linking all of your accounts into one. Once you have everything linked up to your Sharesight account, it will log and track all of your movements over time.

Some of the assets that the Sharesight web and mobile platforms currently support include:

Brokerage Accounts

American brokerages, including E*TRADE, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab, are becoming increasingly available on Sharesight. Here, you can directly import your trades automatically, via an excel spreadsheet, or manually.

Sharesight supports stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and other assets found on nearly all international exchanges.

Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker

Unique to Sharesight and setting them apart from their competitors, they also currently accept and track eight significant cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Stellar Lumens, Ripple, and more.

Cash Accounts

You can also track all of your cash transactions by adding them to your Sharesight account. Sharesight will handle your cash accounts, which are similar to your brokerage accounts.

Accounting Software

Another very unique feature of Sharesight is that it allows for accountant communications. You can let your accountant gain access directly into your Sharesight portfolio safely and securely, without having to email sensitive data back and forth.

Sharesight Costs

Sharesight makes gaining insight into your investments more affordably accessible than ever by offering four different account levels. Through the other plans, you can decide on specific features that you need.

Sharesight Plans

Sharesight offers four basic plans to choose from; free, starter, investor, and expert plans. Each comes with a 7-day free trial.

Free Plan

You can check out some of the great features that Sharesight offers by opting for their free plan. At no cost to you, you can have an investment portfolio that meets the following criteria:

  • One portfolio
  • Ten holdings
  • Limited reporting

With the free plan, you will gain access to the following:

Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker
  • Automatic dividends
  • Price alert

Starter Plan

The first and least costly of the paid plans offered by Sharesight is the Starter plan which currently runs at either $15 per month or $135 annually. You can receive a 25% discount if you opt for the annual payment plan.

Through the starter plan, you can manage an investment portfolio that matches up the following criteria:

  • One portfolio
  • 20 holdings
  • Limited reporting
Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker

With the starter plan, you will have the same accesses as the free plan to:

  • Automatic dividends
  • Price alerts

Investor Plan

The most popular plan Sharesight has to offer is the investor plan, which currently costs $24 per month. Or, you can opt for a 25% by paying on an annual basis at $216 per year.

With the investor plan, you can manage multiple portfolios with up to the following:

  • Three portfolios
  • Unlimited holdings
  • Advanced reporting
Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker

You will also gain additional access to features including:

  • Automatic dividends
  • Price alerts
  • Cash accounts
  • Xero integration
  • Benchmarking

Expert Plan

The highest level plan in Sharesight is the expert plan, currently costing $31 per month. For a 25% savings, you can pay on an annual basis at $279 per year.

With the expert plan, you can manage up to the following:

  • Five portfolios
  • Unlimited holdings
  • Full reporting
Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker

You have additional features with the expert plan, which include:

  • Automatic dividends
  • Price alerts
  • Cash accounts
  • Xero integration
  • Benchmarking
  • Contribution analysis report
  • Five custom groups
  • Priority customer support

Sharesight Pro Plans

Besides the basic plans, Sharesight also offers an elevated platform designed for financial professionals known as Sharesight Pro. For anyone managing more than five portfolios, Sharesight Pro is an excellent option that offers a free 30-day risk-free trial.

Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker

There are four tiers within the Sharesight Pro plans, the starter, bronze, silver, and gold plans. The Sharesight Pro plans are paid on a per portfolio per month basis, with the number of total portfolios determining your plan.

Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker


The Sharesight Pro Start Plan is the most expensive, which at the time of writing is at $12 per portfolio per month. The Starter plan is for anyone managing between five and 19 portfolios, with a starting cost of $60 per month.

Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker


The next level is the Sharesight Pro Bronze plan for financial professionals managing between 20 and 49 portfolios.

At $10.80 per portfolio per month, the Bronze plan’s starting cost is $216 per month.

Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker


The Sharesight Pro Silver plan costs $9.60 per portfolio per month and covers anyone managing between 50 and 99 portfolios.

The Silver plan starts at $480 per month.


Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker


The highest tier within the Sharesight Pro plans is the Gold plan which is also the least expensive per portfolio.

At $8.40 per portfolio per month, the Gold plan is for investors managing 100+ portfolios and starts at $840 per month.

Customer Support

Sharesight has several different communication channels for their customer support, making gaining access to help when you need it relatively simple.

Sharesight Help Center

Sharesight offers an extensive Help Center with suggested topics and a search bar to help you find assistance with any basic needs.

Sharesight Community Forum

There is also a Sharesight Forum with even more information, tips, and tricks from other investors utilizing their services. Although they are not currently adding new information to the forum due to provider issues, all previous postings are still archived and easily accessible.

Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker

Sharesight YouTube Channel

There is also an extensive Sharesight YouTube channel with quick videos offering insight into investing and the Sharesight channel.

Email Support

If you still question that the help center, forum, and YouTube channel could not answer, Sharesight encourages users to email them directly at

Chat Support

Chat support is only available to higher-tier plans, including investor and expert plans.

Expert Plan Customer Support

Accelerated customer support is included in your expert plan, where you are granted priority over investor plan members via email and chat whenever needed.

Final Thoughts

Sharesight review - stock portfolio tracker

Sharesight offers quick and easy access to investment portfolio information via their easy-to-use website or mobile app platforms. Welcoming investors of all walks of life, including day traders and long-term investors, Sharesight makes monitoring and managing your investments more straightforward than ever.

Notable features about the platform include the customizable tax reporting features and the ability to link up multiple Oceanic and European brokerage accounts. Also, Sharesight’s tracking of cryptocurrency sets it well above any other competitors.

Sharesight does not currently support direct links from some of America’s more prominent brokers, but you can still add them under non-supported assets.

As a whole, Sharesight is an excellent tool for simple investors and financial professionals alike. In addition to everyday assistance, it also proves to be incredibly helpful when filing and tracking your dividend income.