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Are you wrestling with the mammoth task of managing your marketing strategies effectively? Trust us, we fully understand those midnight oil-burning sessions and the relentless search for a robust solution.

That’s how we stumbled upon Simplified.com, an AI-infused design platform that elevates content creation, team collaboration, and brand scaling beyond the ordinary.

In this blog post, we’re excited to guide you through just how Simplified can bring a fresh wave of innovation to your marketing efforts while making everything astoundingly..well, simplified!

Ready to take a plunge into simplicity?

Overview of Simplified

Simplified is a digital design platform that aims to streamline and simplify the lives of modern marketing teams. With its user-friendly app, Simplified offers a range of tools and features to help you create eye-catching content, collaborate with your team, and scale your brand.

Whether you need AI-powered graphics design, video editing, or copywriting assistance, Simplified has got you covered.

History and Background

Simplified emerged on the tech scene with a clear vision: to make marketing tasks as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Its creators understood that the diverse landscape of digital promotion required an all-in-one solution.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, they developed tools for graphic design, video editing, and writing assistance – each designed to give users a competitive advantage in their marketing strategy.

The platform’s journey mirrors disruptive innovators like Tesla and Apple, who reshaped their industries with unique branding strategies that left competitors behind.

Mission and Goals

Simplified’s mission goes beyond content creation; it also seeks to create a conducive atmosphere for brand scaling and team collaboration. They aim to provide an all-in-one platform that serves as a timesaving solution.

At the core of their values is accessibility, which resonates with the numerous free images, videos, and audio clips they offer.

Simplified.com review - All in one app for marketing

Their goals are expansive but centered on assisting individuals across various fields. Bloggers, freelancers, students, and anyone needing content assistance can benefit from their AI writer feature.

Furthermore, they support nonprofit organizations by providing them with valuable insights on the best platforms for their marketing needs. Simplified’s conversion tracking feature helps all users monitor consumer actions effectively to assess ad performance and design change efficacy.

That’s Simplified for you!

Next, we will explore the top features and benefits they offer for marketing teams looking to boost their productivity and efficiency.

Top Features and Benefits

Simplified is as friendly as it is varied, making it an essential tool for modern marketing teams. With its all-in-one app, users can streamline their marketing efforts and save time by accessing various tools in one place.

All-in-one App for Modern Marketing

Simplified revolutionizes the game by embodying an all-in-one app for modern marketing. This integrated software fuses an extraordinary range of tools and features tailored specifically to streamline marketing strategies and execution.

With one seamless platform, it effortlessly covers content creation, project management, social media planning, and even brand management.

Simplified.com review - All in one app for marketing

In our digitized world where efficiency is a major part of achieving success, we can leverage Simplified’s multichannel features to optimize our workflow – no more switching between different apps or dealing with various interfaces!

Additionally, its artificial intelligence enhancements take creative tasks like graphic designing and video editing up a notch by offering high-quality outputs at your fingertips.

AI tools for Days

Simplified is the ultimate solution for modern marketing teams, offering powerful AI tools for graphics design, video editing, and copywriting. Their user-friendly interface and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities allow users to easily create stunning designs, edit videos seamlessly, and automate their writing tasks.

When it comes to its designer interface, Simplified offers a seamless background remover that will allow you to transform any image into whatever you have in mind.

Simplified.com review - All in one app for marketing

Not great a putting your ideas into paper? (or screen in this case), Simplified’s image generator is even easier to use than its background remover. You only need to prompt the idea that’s in your imagination, and the AI does the rest. You can go crazy here!

The features don’t end there though. Remember those PowerPoint presentations that took ages to craft? We say remember because, after Simplified’s presentation maker, you will forget about them instantly. Just tell Simplified the topic, the angle, and marvel at your creation.

Simplified’s AI tools handle tiresome tasks like content creation and campaign management, making your job easier while maintaining high quality.

Those were only a few of the dozens of AI tools that Simplified has to offer for all its users.

Social Media Management and Planning

Simplified offers a comprehensive social media management tool that is perfect for agencies and internet beginners. With this tool, you can easily plan, analyze, and schedule your posts in advance for various platforms.

Simplified.com review - All in one app for marketing

The Simplified Content Calendar provides a template and planner to make social media post planning simple and efficient. Whether you need help with content organization, post-scheduling, or platform management, Simplified has covered you.

Plus, their Social Media Planner is an affordable option to keep all your content organized in one place. Take advantage of this user-friendly tool and watch your social media presence soar!

Collaboration and Team Organization

Simplified’s collaboration and team organization features are designed to enhance teamwork, improve communication, and streamline workflow. With Simplified, you can easily connect with your team members through instant messaging and video conferencing.

Simplified.com review - All in one app for marketing

Their shared calendars ensure everyone is on the same page with deadlines and schedules. Simplified’s project management features allow users to assign tasks, track progress, and stay organized.

These tools not only increase productivity but also boost employee satisfaction by fostering a sense of teamwork and promoting problem-solving skills among employees.

Pricing and Costs

Simplified offers different subscription options depending on the service they offer. You can opt for monthly or yearly subscriptions, each with its benefits.

Free Trial

Ready to take Simplified.com for a spin? They offer a free trial for all of their services that lets you explore their amazing tools and features. It’s the perfect opportunity to see how simplified can transform your marketing efforts.

The Plans

Each service includes one free plan and a 35% discount if billed annually.

Design Pro

$9 p/month

It includes a library of millions of GIFs, images, and more. Various export formats, premium templates, and easy integrations with Google Drive, Shopify, etc.
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Design Business

$15 p/month

It includes bulk generation content and API access. Better for large-scale projects, priority support when troubleshooting, and more.
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Video Editor Pro

$15 p/month

It includes videos up to 30 minutes in 1080 resolution. Subtitles, text-to-speech, transitions, many presets, watermark-free content, and more.
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Video Editor Business

$49 p/month

It includes subtitles for up to 180 minutes, text-to-speech for up to 300 minutes, collaboration with team members, team spaces, and more.
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AI Writer Pro

$18 per 35,000 Words

It includes more than 90 AI templates, Grammarly integration, plagiarism detection, direct publishing to blogs WordPress export, and more.
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Social Media Pro

$17 p/month

It includes seven social channels, post scheduling, analytics, URL shortener, UTM parameters, and more.
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Social Medio Agency

$199 p/month

It includes 70 social channels, 10 user seats, bulk scheduling, client review, a unified inbox, a planner, and more.
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Social Media Agency Plus

$399 p/month

It includes 200 social channels, 20 user seats, 20 brand books, open, closed & private spaces, social media AI, snippets, and more.
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Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial aspect of any software platform, and Simplified.com prides itself on its responsive and helpful customer support. Whether you have a technical issue or need assistance using the app’s various features, Simplified is always available to provide guidance and resolve any problems quickly.

With Simplified, you can rest assured that your marketing team will have the support they need to utilize this all-in-one platform effectively.

Simplified.com review - All in one app for marketing

Simplified offers a simple-to-use help center. With articles crafted by the team, they explain the boiling questions you may have when it comes to the platform. The sections are divided by service. This means you won’t have to go looking for some video assistance in the graphic design section.

They have more than 200+ blogs that collected the most common issues and questions, so chances are if you have one, it’s somewhere in there.

If you don’t find the help center all that helpful, you can always ask your questions in the chat.

Things Get Easier with Simplified

Simplified.com review - All in one app for marketing

Simplified offers a streamlined and efficient system for modern marketing teams. With its user-friendly app and AI tools, teams can easily create eye-catching content, collaborate seamlessly, and scale their brand.

Responsive customer support ensures users have the assistance they need to maximize their productivity. Simplified is the perfect solution for marketing teams looking to simplify their processes and achieve outstanding results.

From AI-powered graphics design and video editing to copywriting assistance, Simplified.com has everything needed to create professional-looking content easily.

Additionally, the platform includes social media management capabilities and collaboration features, allowing teams to work together efficiently and effectively.

Whether organizing tasks or creating engaging content, Simplified is designed to help marketing teams scale and grow their businesses successfully.