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Do you need help to gather and manage customer reviews for your ecommerce business? You’re not alone. Stamped.io is an essential tool designed specifically to help you take control of these reviews, boost brand credibility, and build customer trust.

In this article, we explore the dynamic features of Stamped.io that make it a game changer in enhancing customer acquisition and retention for online businesses. Ready to supercharge your ecommerce journey? Let’s dive in!

About Stamped. io

Stamped.io is a leading software that helps businesses collect and showcase customer reviews, ratings, photos, videos, and Q&A to boost their online reputation.

Stamped.io’s journey began as a daring initiative by its founders. They envisaged a customer-first approach to e-commerce, focusing on harnessing reviews and testimonials. Daring leaps were made in technological development for Stamped.io to stand tall among competitors today.

It introduced features like the loyalty program and multiple integration options early on, setting new industry standards. Stamped.io continued to push boundaries throughout its evolution, much like Ibram X Kendi’s revolutionary exploration of racism in his award-winning book “Stamped from the Beginning”.

Top Features

Stamped.io offers a range of top features to help you enhance your online presence and boost customer engagement. Read on to discover how this software can revolutionize your business!


Let’s dive into Stamped.io’s most acclaimed feature: its review system. Customers often label it as the best platform for reviews they’ve encountered. The company houses four types of reviews – business, product, photo, and video.

So instead of just plain text feedback, customers can share their experiences visually too! They’re engaging and provide reliable social proof to potential consumers browsing your site.

stamped.io review - Reviews and loyalty for ecommerce brands

Additionally, Stamped.io’s review analytics tools provide businesses with detailed insights into customer sentiment and feedback trends. Companies can analyze this data to identify strengths and areas for improvement, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to enhance product quality and customer experience.

Businesses get a chance to optimize customer acquisition with these trustworthy testimonials circulating online. Plus, let’s remember Stamped.io’s smart banners that allow you to share this user-generated content on various social media platforms, bolstering your online reputation management efforts!

Loyalty program

Understanding and rewarding your customers sit at the heart of any successful business. Stamped.io offers a unique loyalty program that fuels customer marketing, leading to boosted sales and improved retention rates.

The program increases touchpoints with your customers so that you can gather valuable data effortlessly. You get more than just a simple rewards system – it’s an all-inclusive platform enabling businesses to dish out points for various activities and set up customized VIP programs for top-tier clients.

stamped.io review - Reviews and loyalty for ecommerce brands

Not only that, but this feature also allows for integration of referral programs into your existing setup as added leverage for growth.

Moreover, Stamped.io’s loyalty program is enhanced with analytics that allow businesses to track the effectiveness of their rewards and incentives. Data on customer participation and engagement with the loyalty program is provided in real-time, allowing for timely adjustments to optimize customer satisfaction and loyalty.

So, if keeping customers engaged while driving repeat purchases sounds intriguing to you, tackling it head-on with Stamped.io’s innovative loyalty module is worth considering!

AI-Powered Review Management

The AI-powered review management feature facilitates automated review curation and publication. It employs machine learning to categorize reviews, highlighting positive feedback while flagging negative responses for immediate attention. This automation streamlines the process of managing vast reviews, ensuring that each piece of feedback is aptly utilized to enhance brand perception.

stamped.io review - Reviews and loyalty for ecommerce brands

Additionally, the AI-powered review management system is equipped with natural language processing capabilities, enabling it to understand and analyze the sentiment behind customer feedback. This feature allows businesses to gain deeper insights into customer satisfaction and expectations, and tailor their strategies accordingly.

Questions & Answers

The Q&A feature amplifies on-site user engagement, allowing potential buyers to ask questions directly on the product pages. These questions can be answered by the brand or previous buyers, fostering a community of informed and engaged customers. The feature is instrumental in eliminating purchase hesitations, as prospective buyers receive real-time clarifications on their queries.

stamped.io review - Reviews and loyalty for ecommerce brands

The Q&A feature is optimized for SEO, meaning that the questions and answers on your product pages can help improve your website’s search engine ranking. This SEO benefit enhances visibility and drives organic traffic to your site, leading to increased sales and brand awareness.

Enterprise Options

Stamped.io offers a range of enterprise options tailored to meet specific needs. With advanced technology and exceptional customer support, Stamped.io ensures businesses can access comprehensive features and seamless integrations.

The Enterprise program also provides an efficient review process, allowing companies to gather valuable customer feedback. Not only is Stamped.io an affordable and cost-effective option for enterprise search, but it also offers high-value solutions comparable to other platforms in the market.

stamped.io review - Reviews and loyalty for ecommerce brands

So whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, Stamped.io has the enterprise options to take your business to the next level.

Moreover, the scalability of Stamped.io’s enterprise options ensures that as businesses grow, the platform can effortlessly adapt to increased demands. The flexibility and customizability of the enterprise solutions ensure that businesses of all sizes and sectors can tailor the features to meet their specific operational and customer engagement needs.


Stamped.io offers seamless integrations with various platforms to enhance your experience. With integrations like Klaviyo, Attentive, Rebuy, and Kustomer, you can easily manage the review request process and achieve higher response rates.

The integration with Klaviyo allows you to streamline the review request process within Klaviyo. This ensures that you can efficiently communicate with your customers and boost engagement.

stamped.io review - Reviews and loyalty for ecommerce brands

Additionally, Stamped.io’s integration with Attentive lets you send review requests and loyalty program updates via email or text. This convenient feature helps you stay connected with customers on their preferred communication channels.

Moreover, through the partnership with Rebuy, Stamped.io helps increase order values, acquire more customers, and accelerate sales. Lastly, the integration with Kustomer allows customer support agents to view customer reviews in their support system timeline effortlessly.

Stamped.io also supports webhook integrations, enabling businesses to connect the platform with other applications and systems in real-time. This ensures that all customer feedback and reviews are instantly available across all platforms, providing a unified view of customer sentiments and enabling timely responses.

Pricing and Costs

Stamped.io offers a variety of pricing options to suit your needs and budget, from basic packages to premium packages with additional features.

Basic Package

The Basic package from Stamped.io is a great option for those starting out with their review management needs. Priced at just $39 per month, it offers essential features such as Starter Features, Photo Reviews, and Checkout Reviews.

stamped.io review - Reviews and loyalty for ecommerce brands

With the Basic plan, you can manage up to 200 orders per month and send out up to 200 review requests. One of the standout features of this package is the ability to receive instant feedback through Checkout Reviews in real-time.

Upgrade your business with the Basic package from Stamped.io today!

Premium Package

Stamped.io’s premium package offers enhanced features to help you take your online reputation to the next level. This package lets you access premium options like Google Product Ratings, FB Messenger review requests, video reviews, and Community Q&A.

stamped.io review - Reviews and loyalty for ecommerce brands

Plus, you can send up to 1,500 monthly review requests. These features are designed to boost consumer engagement and satisfaction throughout the entire customer journey.

What sets Stamped.io apart is their competitive pricing for the premium plan. For just $59/month, you get access to all these valuable tools compared to other platforms that charge much higher rates.

Entry-level Set Up Fee

Stamped.io offers an affordable pricing structure for businesses of all sizes, without any entry-level set-up fee. This means you can start with Stamped.io without worrying about any upfront costs or additional expenses.

stamped.io review - Reviews and loyalty for ecommerce brands

Whether you’re a small startup or a larger enterprise, Stamped.io provides a budget-friendly solution to gather customer reviews and implement a loyalty program to help grow your business.

With their transparent pricing model, you can choose from different packages based on your specific needs and scale as your business grows, making it even more accessible for businesses on a tight budget.

Customer Support

Stamped.io provides top-notch customer support to ensure a seamless experience for its users.
With their highly responsive support team, you can get the help you need quickly and efficiently.

stamped.io review - Reviews and loyalty for ecommerce brands

Whether you have questions about order management, subscription management, refund processing, or need technical assistance, Stamped.io has your back. They offer a range of tools and resources to assist businesses in providing exceptional customer service.

Additionally, Stamped.io’s tech partner program helps businesses find the right tools and support tailored to their needs. So rest assured that with Stamped.io, your customers will receive the support they deserve throughout their journey with your brand.


stamped.io review - Reviews and loyalty for ecommerce brands

Stamped.io is the go-to platform for e-commerce businesses looking to boost customer trust and loyalty. With powerful programs, AI technology, and easy usability, it’s no wonder that Stamped.io has received high praise from users.

From collecting ratings and reviews to optimizing customer acquisition and retention, Stamped.io provides all the tools needed for e-commerce success.