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About Tidio.io

Tidio.io, established in 2013, has rapidly evolved into a leading figure in the customer service software sector. This innovative company has carved out a significant niche, particularly among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), by developing AI-powered solutions that enhance customer interactions and drive sales growth.

tidio.com review - AI Customer Services Tool

Key Milestones:

Founded in 2013: Tidio began its operations with a clear focus on revolutionizing customer service through technology.

Global Expansion: With offices in San Francisco, Szczecin, and Warsaw, Tidio serves a diverse international clientele, including prestigious names like Mercedes and Shell.

Innovative Product Line: Introducing products like Lyro, an AI chatbot, marks Tidio’s commitment to cutting-edge technology in customer service.

Tidio.io’s ascent in the customer service software industry is a story of consistent growth and significant impact. Since its inception in 2013, the company has shown remarkable progress, expanding its team to over 180 dedicated professionals. These experts are committed to crafting top-tier customer service solutions, a cornerstone of Tidio’s success.

Central to Tidio’s philosophy is the design of its platform. It’s crafted with user-friendliness at its forefront, ensuring that businesses can seamlessly integrate and utilize its services regardless of size. This approach has democratized access to advanced customer service tools and broadened their applicability across various business sectors.

Tidio’s impact is most evident in its global reach, serving customers in over 205 countries and establishing a strong presence in the customer service domain.

The impressive statistic of their live chat widget, which attracts 510 million unique users each month, further emphasizes Tidio’s widespread appeal and effectiveness in engaging a diverse user base. These numbers not only highlight the popularity of Tidio but also its ability to engage with a vast audience.

Top Features of Tidio.io

Tidio.io stands out in the competitive field of customer service software with its innovative features and user-centric design. The platform offers a range of tools and functionalities that cater to the diverse needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Tidio.io’s AI-powered chatbots are game changers in automating customer interactions. These chatbots are designed to handle inquiries efficiently, providing quick and accurate responses to common questions. This enhances customer experience and reduces the workload on human agents, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks.

tidio.com review - AI Customer Services Tool

Live Chat Functionality

The live chat feature of Tidio.io offers real-time communication between businesses and their customers. It’s an effective tool for boosting customer engagement and satisfaction. The live chat interface is intuitive and easy to use, ensuring that customers can get the help they need without any hassle.

Integration Capabilities

One of the strengths of Tidio.io is its ability to integrate seamlessly with various platforms, including major content management systems like WordPress and e-commerce platform giant Shopify. This flexibility allows businesses to incorporate Tidio.io effortlessly into their existing workflows, enhancing their overall efficiency and productivity.

tidio.com review - AI Customer Services Tool

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Tidio.io comes equipped with robust analytics and reporting tools. These tools provide valuable insights into customer interactions and chatbot performance, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions to improve their services and customer engagement strategies.

Customizable Chat Widgets

Tidio.io provides customizable chat widgets that can be tailored to match the look and feel of a business’s website. This customization ensures a consistent brand experience for customers and helps maintain a professional appearance across all customer touchpoints.

tidio.com review - AI Customer Services Tool

Tidio.io Pricing Plans

Tidio.io offers a flexible pricing structure to accommodate the diverse budgetary needs of businesses ranging from startups to established enterprises.

Customer Service Pricing Plans

Free Plan

The Free Plan by Tidio.io is an ideal choice for new businesses aiming to establish a strong foundation in customer service. Key offerings include live chat capabilities, efficient ticketing systems, and integrations with various social media platforms.
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Starter plan

The Starter Plan from Tidio.io, priced at $29 per month, is perfectly tailored for small businesses looking to boost customer satisfaction through live chat support. Building on the Free Plan, it includes a 7-day free trial, basic analytics, a live visitors list, set operating hours, and 24/5 live chat support.
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Growth Plan

The Growth Plan from Tidio.io, priced at $59 per month, is designed for teams of any size that view customer service as a key competitive edge.

This plan includes all features of the Starter Plan, with enhancements like up to 1000 conversations, advanced analytics, Tidio power features, an option to remove Tidio branding, and customizable permissions.
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Tidio+ Plan

The Tidio+ Plan, at $398 per month, caters to businesses seeking enhanced capabilities, including higher limits, additional integrations, and advanced features, along with premium support.
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Free Plan

The Free Plan is ideal for new businesses focusing on building basic automated workflows with chatbots, offered free forever. It includes reaching up to 100 visitors, integrating social media, and accessing over 35 chatbot templates.
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Automation plan

The Automation Plan, priced at $29 monthly, is ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to save time through advanced sales and support automation.

It allows reaching up to 40k visitors, offers automation analytics, 24/5 live chat support, an option to remove Tidio branding, and includes a visual chatbot builder, streamlining customer interactions efficiently.
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Tido+ Plan

The Tidio+ Plan, at $398 monthly, is designed for businesses seeking custom automation limits and personalized guidance. It includes all features of the Automation Plan, plus custom limits for visitors reached, conversations, and Lyro conversations.
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Email Marketing Plan

Free Plan

This is their most basic plan, and it works to charm people just starting on email campaigns. You get 500 free templates.
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Email Marketing

This one includes more than 2.5k emails a month, 24/7 support, email analytics, and all the app integrations. You can get this plan for $10 a month. It’s recommended for businesses that are in the lead generation market.
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Businesses who are not trying to take their email campaigns to the next level shouldn’t bother with this. At $398 a month, this plan includes a ton of stuff. From training sessions to account reviews, it leaves nothing to be desired.
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Tido+ Customer Support

Tidio.io strongly emphasizes customer support, understanding its critical role in the user experience.

Dedicated to User Success

The customer support team of Tidio.io is dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction and success of its users. They provide thorough assistance and handle every inquiry with care and professionalism. This dedication is evident from their prompt response times and the high-quality solutions they offer.

tidio.com review - AI Customer Services Tool

Self-Help Resources

Tidio.io boasts a rich collection of self-help resources, including detailed podcasts, case studies, and e-books. These resources are designed to empower users to troubleshoot and learn at their own pace. They cover many topics, making them a go-to for quick information.

tidio.com review - AI Customer Services Tool

24/5 Live Chat Support

The platform offers 24/5 live chat support, ensuring that help is just a message away at almost any hour. This service is staffed by knowledgeable and friendly professionals ready to assist with any issue. It’s an invaluable resource for immediate problem resolution and guidance.

Training Sessions

Tidio.io conducts regular training sessions to help users fully leverage the platform’s capabilities. These sessions are informative and designed to enhance user skills, whether they are beginners or experienced users. They are an excellent way to stay updated on new features and best practices.

Elevate Your Customer Service with Tidio.io

tidio.com review - AI Customer Services Tool

Tidio.io emerges as a key player in enhancing customer interaction and support. Its comprehensive suite, tailored for varied business needs, makes it a go-to for customer service excellence.

Embrace the power of Tidio.io’s AI-driven features and dedicated support to revolutionize your customer engagement. Discover the potential of Tidio.io for your business and step into a new era of customer service efficiency.